To write is to create… Writer’s Block

I have always been a writer of sorts. When i was a teen, it was poetry and as a child it was diaries. No i seemed to have developed into full blown novels. Although i cannot call myself an author just yet, i wholeheartedly consider myself a writer.

I recently spoke with a friend of mine that has been writing her own novel and i was reminded of the joy and accomplishment writing can bring and it gave a me a renewed sense of conviction. I was suddenly filled with the desire to continue where i left off with my long awaited (if by me only for the most part) novel. It wasn’t until i began writing again, was it that i remembered why i had stopped in the first place….Writers Block!!!

Although this has not been as severe a case as previously, it has still reared its ugly head from time to time. Im still trying to find some things that fight it off and so far, only a few have worked. I thought i would share them with everyone as i struggled to find any decent answers when googling this.

1. Write something completely different to your desired project – As i have mentioned, I’m writing a novel and when i get all baby brained, i try and write something that is completely irrelevant to my project. This helps me to work through the crap until my creative juices start flowing again. Once i have cleared the cobwebs, i head on back to my novel, refreshed and invigorated.

2.Write through it – Sometimes writing utter nonsense can have a rather pleasant outcome. Yes you may be left with 80% waste, but that other 20% could be the golden egg you have been searching for. The mess that you have just spent the last 20 minutes writing will obviously need editing but there could be something that sparks off a whole new chapter for one of you characters.

3. Write consistently – Whether i feel like it or not, writing every day seems to put me in the right routine to get things done. If i become complacent it tends to slip from my mind and my story becomes all muddy in its definition. It doesn’t necessarily need to be my novel but it needs to be something. This is also my reason for blogging now, a creative outlet for my minds wanderings.

4. Speak to other authors/writers – Having a discussion about the ups and downs, triumphs and sadnesses of writing can help renew your desire to write. This is definitely something that worked in my case. I have maybe only 2 serious writer friends but their opinions and advice can go a long way in giving me a kick up the back side.

5. Finally if all else fails – Walk away! Not permanently but at least for a day or two. This sometimes give me that whole ‘fresh eyes’ perspective that i was missing when my head was so buried in the story the lines of reality and fiction became blurred. This is a fail safe and a last resort but i definitely works in giving you a fresh look at things when you return to it. Just make sure that you do šŸ™‚

If you have any other tips on beating Writer’s block, i would be very interested in hearing them. Like i said before, i am all new to this plus someone else may find it useful.


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