How do you prefer to write?

I have recently been doing a lot of research on what people find to be the most productive way of writing and i was surprised to find that everybody is different. I am the type of person that likes to plan and strategies in my day to day life. At work, i have notebooks upon notebooks of instructions and guides on how to do everything i have come into contact with. Despite this, i have found that when i sit down to write my novel, i prefer to just go with the flow. Although i have a rough guide as to where my story is heading, i have pretty much winged it throughout. Now, don’t get me wrong, i am not sure if this helps or hinders my actual novel but it is just the way i prefer to write. So my question to you is, how do you do it?

Also, generally, most of my productive writing time is inconveniently snuggled right in-between my office hours. When i am sitting last my desk, i seem to be majorly inspired. Plot twists and character characteristics start jumping out of my subconscious with very little prompting. Now, this may sound fantastic but when you are sitting staring at 3 screens worth of end of month billing, the last place your mind should be is in a fictional world. So, i try to keep a book for everything i write. I have a leather bound book that i write all my little tidbits down in and then try and recapture the thought in the evening (Where my writing won’t get me sacked!) Do you have a specific time of day you have inspiration strike you? Is it in the middle of the day? Is it in the middle of the night and you have to jump out of bed agonisingly stubbing your toe in the dark as your scramble for the light to find a piece of paper and a pen?

I try to make sure i write something per day of my novel. Now, whether that is 2 sentences or 22 pages, that all depends on my ability to optimise my inspiration when it strikes. However, i must admit, reaching 100,000 words is looking like pushing a stone up a mountain with my nose would be an easier task.

Maybe i just need to find my routine. Maybe if i stick to a schedule, that mountain will start shrinking. Who knows, only time will tell but for now, i will just keep plugging away and see where my imagination takes me.


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