Kindles vs Paperbacks….

So i have had this discussion with many a person and it seems as though everyone has their own views. Are kindles going to be the death of the paperback book?

I can see the obvious benefits to having a kindle. Having your entire library at your finger tips at any given moment seems like a readers heaven. Having your book instantly when ordering from amazon, rather than anxiously waiting for the postman to knock  on your door with your long awaited literary masterpiece. Let’s not forget the financial implications of the kindle. With there being no actual printing involved they tend to be a damned site cheaper than an actual physical copy. BUT, and i may be the only one with this line of thinking, there is no better smell than a brand new book.

As a child, my auntie was the one that instilled in me, the importance of reading. She was my childminder and every day after school she would sit down with me and listen to me read as part of my homework. I would sit snuggled in her arms as i read each page and with this i developed a strange habit. I would read with my finger. I still do this if i am honest and i always tried to hide it because i was shy about my ‘Childish Habit’. It was only recently that i figured out why i still do this. I LOVE and i mean LOVE the feel of books and their paper. Not only that though, i love the smell of the book itself. The musty old paper smell you get when you flicked the pages through. There is no better smell in the world. I even tried to convince my partner that i wasn’t crazy, and got them to try it. Sufficed to say, they didn’t quite appreciate it in the same way that i did.

I do not own a kindle for the reasons stated above, however i do have the kindle app on my smartphone. I have found a rather ingenious use for it, to suit my needs. I use it to preview a book before buying. As you probably already, know you can usually get the first couple chapters or so for free sent directly to you kindle account. If i enjoy what i have read, i will order the actual paperback copy to add to my collection. A collection that spans around150 books, all from childhood through to adult life. Obviously, i am struggling to find places for my collection and my other half does not appreciate the magnitude of my collection. In fact i tend to get a resounding groan when i attempt to purchase a new book in their presence. I am constantly getting nagged to invest in a kindle to keep our home less cluttered with books.

Obviously when i am travelling, no matter how far, i always have to have at least one book on me. If i am going for a long time or even a 2 week holiday, i could read atlas 5 books in that time and that can get kind of heavy. I so i usually have to make do with 1 or 2. I look around the pool and i see every other person these days has a kindle. I really wish i could get on board with the kindle idea but i think it take the magic out of reading. I think that the magic of watching how quickly you progress through a book is lost. The feel of the pages, the smell of the book.

As an aspiring author, i also think that i would prefer to see my accomplishment in the flesh so to speak. Once i have finished y first novel, i want to be able to hold it in my hands and show people. This is just me.

How do you feel about it? Do you own a kindle? Do you think that you get the same experiences with a  kindle as you do with an actual book? I would love to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Kindles vs Paperbacks….

  1. My reason for having a Kindle is that I had to stop reading ‘real’ books because the ink and dust fumes adversely affected my breathing (I have a lung condition brought on by too many years living and working in construction in deserts).


  2. Thanks for commenting 🙂 i feel extremely honoured!

    Thats a valid point. Do you miss reading ‘normal’ books? Everybody has their own take on it but it is something that has come up a lot recently so thought i would expand the conversation 🙂


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