Novels that are Co-Written…



James Patterson is one of my favourite writers at the minute and i must confess to having more books of his than any other author. When i first picked up one of his books, i was instantly transported to the world in which it was written. It was easy to follow and yet clever at the same time. I could relate to it and the book effortlessly played out in my minds eye as i read page after page, unable to put it down. I think this was one of the reasons i decided to write a novel and not just indulge in my other creative outlets. It seemed achievable but also complicated at the same time and was undoubtedly a challenge.

Everytime i come across a James Patterson book, i buy it, even if i have 3 others i havent read at home. I am a die hard fan afterall. However, i started to notice that the majority of his books have been co-written. This got me thinking about how many other books, by other authors have been co-written. It only stands to reason that books would enjoy the same collaboration as other forms of art. Dance is notoriously a partnership art, music is also another example, so why should novels be any different?

When i was a teenager, me and my friends had a rather lackluster maths teacher that generally didnt really care whether we were paying attention or not. He was more of a babysitter than an educator. During his lesson, myself and two friends would take it in turns to write ridiculous and funny stories, which we contributed to a paragraph at a time. Now obviously, as a teen, i wasnt quite aware of the process that i was taking. Be it a very simplistic form. I was Co-writing.  Not only did this give me a chance to collaborate with other like minded people but it eased some of the pressure when it came to actually writing the story. The plot twists and turns were not only dictated by me, therefore i had to react to what was given to me, rather than plan the entire process out. This was one of the most enjoyable forms of writing for me and i wonder if co-writing a novel works in some fraction of the same way.

Have you ever co-written a novel? Have you ever co-written anything? Would you be open to maybe co-writing a novel? I would love to hear from you.

I do not consider co-writing to be a form of ‘cheating’. It is just a different form of expression. Do we not go to writing conferences to share our experiences and knowledge? Do we not reach out to other authors and ask for advise and constructive comments? I think that should be inclinded to do so, co-writing can be a very rewarding and enjoyable way of completing another writing project.

Maybe give it a go with another author for a short story or even a novella. You may be pleasently surprised with the outcome and if you are not, it is an experience either way 🙂


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