I Have been doing alot of research of late into other authors, their writing process and they types of tasks they under take on a day to day basis and what i have come to find is that alot of authors have more than one writing project on the go at any one time. So my question is this, Do you do it and does it help you write your novel?


As you know, i am in the process of writing my first novel and its is proving a challenge at times to keep the creative juices flowing when i have been staring at the same piece of work for hours upon hours. This can lead to procrastination on my part and also frustration with the novel. This has been known to lead to me writing a load of nonsense at times. Does it help to have another writing project on the go so that you can flip between the two? A fresh pair of eyes has always been sound advice when it comes to problem solving so does the same apply to writing? I thought i would test this theory and i have started to write a short story that is linked to my novel. Its still in its early stages but so far it seems to have taken me away from my novel and i have embroiled myself in it for the last two days. My plan is to flit between the two at regular intervals. Hopefully this will give me some perspective on the other when i finally go back to them, helping me move my writing along in a more timely fashion. But my next question would be, if you have more than one writing project, do they have to be associated with your novel. Do they need to feed into you creative process to get your novel over the finish line?  As i have said before, my short story is linked to my novel and who knows, maybe it will turn out so well that it will end up in the book some how. Does it help to use the characters from your novel to star in your short stories. I think by exploring your character in your short stories it should give you a wider perspective of the characters range of emotions and capabilities. This wiwll undoubtedly help you when writing your novel. It will open up new dimensions to your protagonist that maybe you had never thought about. Surely the better you know your main character, the better equiped you will be at writing their prose?


Have you got more than one writing project on the go? How does it work for you?



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