Writing A Damn Good Thriller

All good points if your writing a thriller!

Writing and Illustrating

newyorkercomic From New Yorker Magazine

how to writer a dammn good thrillerHere is an excerpt from one of the “how to write” thriller books I bought recently.

While the opening of a story might be the most important part, the climax in most books is the most exciting. I have been toying around with writing a thriller, so I went to James N Frey’s book WRITING A DAMN GOOD THRILLER to get some tips.

1. In almost all damn good thrillers, the hero is nearly killed in the climax but then manages to kill or capture the villain and foil his evil plot. Audiences love this.

2. In the climax of a damn good thriller, good prevails over evil. Audiences love this, too. In fact this is one of the oldest conventions in storytelling.

3. Damn good thriller climaxes have surprises.

4. The climax of a damn good thriller is not just more of the same…

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