So as some of you may know, i am currently working on my first novel and well lets just say that the first draft has been scrapped before i even progressed past chapter 8. That’s 8k words discarded and currently gathering dust in my hard drive. Now, before you all feel sorry for me, i have come to the conclusion that this is actually a good thing. Even though i had reached chapter 8, and 8k words, i suddenly became stuck like never before. I hadn’t really made a solid plan of the plot, although i knew my protagonist pretty well. This lead to me hitting a brick wall pretty early on. As i was free writing, i didn’t have a plan as such to refer back to and keep me on track, so i put it away for some time. In the meantime, i wasn’t a complete waste of space. I bought a few books on writing and how to improve my prose etc. It wasn’t that i was being lazy or anything but i couldn’t figure a way to move past the last chapter which then lead to the dreaded writer’s block. The funny thing is, all that reading i did actually did me some good. I suddenly got the bug for writing again, as i suddenly had a better starting place. I had set things in place so that i knew where i was going with my plot and also some of the finer details that i didn’t think about the first time round. This resulted in me scraping the entire first draft and the original plot. Unfinished.

I was sitting at work and all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, i had a bolt of inspiration and in ten minutes i managed to use some of the techniques in the books i had bought to completely re-write the entire plot for my novel. Now i feel more confident that i know where i am going but more importantly, i feel more confident that i can power through and make it through to then end of my first draft of my first ever novel.

Although, initially i was procrastinating, i used it as an educational period so that i wasn’t completely out of the writing loop. I would recommend home study for anyone that hasn’t got the time or means to attend writing classes. There are some fantastic books that can help you on your quest and should you get stuck, you always have them there to refer back to.

I am now 100% more happy with my direction and focus and who knows, maybe some time soon, i will have a first draft to brag about!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Happy Writing!


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