Smooshy Brain today…



Today, my brain does not want to function at the same high level it did yesterday.

Yesterday, i managed to smash out over 3000 words which is pretty good for me but today, I’m seriously struggling to get that sort of momentum going again. So, because my mind was finding it so difficult to be creative, I decided to reread all that I have written so far to see if I could edit or tweek some bits.

Funnily enough, I have managed to spot some of my own plot holes and come up with a strategic plan to fix them. I have corrected any grammer or spelling mistakes and I have even found the need for a few new chapters in between pre-existing ones which should be pretty easy to write considering they are in the middle of things. This should tie it all together a bit better and give the characters and story more depth. It may even make it feel fuller and expand the world in which they live.

So the moral of this story is, even if you’re finding it difficult to write new material each day, maybe re-evaluate the material you have already written. You never know, you might find a few things that need fixings and it all contributes to the final word count and that elusive first completed draft.

Never a wasted day 🙂


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