Can You Change Paper Trim Size and Colour on CreateSpace?

Definitely something to consider when it comes to publishing with createspace. I have had a proof copy of one of my books and the quality is decent

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Before publishing your first paper book with CreateSpace there are a couple of things to consider. Even though you can update it and change the content, once the book has its ISBN and is live for sale you can’t change its size and the colour of the paper. Also, once it’s linked to its Kindle book on Amazon they keep a certain amount of printed books in stock for their quick delivery system, so if you find any major errors in it and rush to fix them, those in stock books will still have to sell first before the corrected ones become available. You could order them yourself I suppose, but I’m not sure how many are printed for this and I don’t see how you could get them from Amazon’s other country sites.

Most of the CreateSpace books that I have bought are 6” x 9”, mostly printed on…

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Oh to be a writer

As much as I am determined to finally complete my novel, it would be a lie if I said it hasn’t been a struggle. I know of a few authors that smash out 5-6 novels a year and it baffles my little noggin.

Life and work have well and truly rooted themselves in the middle of my novel and stolen my time like a very successful cat burglar. I think about writing, a minimum 10 thousand times a day, but actually finding the time to write is challenging at best. Many people say get up and write at 5am if you have to. Maybe it’s just me but my brain does nothing but curse me for the early hours, at that time in the morning.

Are any of you guys struggling to fit your writing in? I’d love to hear people’s solutions to organising their time.

Any help would be much appreciated!