Oh to be a Writer…. The weekly lowdown!


So i wrote a post called ‘Oh to be a writer’, and after thinking on it, i decided to make it into a series. A series, in the sense that i will now write, every single day about my high’s, my low’s, my successes and my failures, in my pursuit of the day i can say that i finally finished my first novel.

Along the way, i will be pursuing other writing ventures including more short stories, hopefully some writing competitions and some writing tips i find along the way.

I may also publish my reading list as i have numerous books that i have collected over the last few months that i havent even attempted to open recently. Reading can only improve my writing and there is no point reading all of these advice books if am not going to do the most fundamentally important thing for a writer. READ.

So, you lucky lot get to see a lot more of me and my writing 🙂

Happy writing everyone!



4 thoughts on “Oh to be a Writer…. The weekly lowdown!

  1. So pleased to know that there are some other writers out there who don’t get round to reading as much as they’d like. I’ve finally got into a good book after months of skim reading, and I can already see the difference in my writing!


    • Yes definitely. Unfortunately most of us work and have other commitments that limit our time. Then comes the question, how do I split the little time I have left! I hear a lot, that a real writer sacrifices for their craft and I agree to a certain degree but unfortunately life does get in the way and I guess it just comes down to having a good schedule. Good luck with the reading, what book is it?


      • While I’m not at the stage where work and income is an issue, I’ve still got numerous commitments through school and upcoming exams etc. My schedule literally consists of writing like crazy every time the holidays come round. And thanks, it’s actually Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas 🙂


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