Writing challenges

I have been trawling the internet as of late, in search of some writing challenges to participate in and I have noticed that there aren’t actually that many about. Not that I have found anyway.


So I thought, why not just put one out there and see if anyone participates. Rather than complaining about what I couldn’t find, why not just create what I wanted to find.


Well, as you might have guessed, that is exactly what I have done so…drum roll please… today is the first of what I hope to be a regular thing…


This week’s writing prompt is just one sentence that you should start your story with and should be no longer than 300 words.


If I get any responses, I will post them on Tuesday next week along with my own effort. Let’s see how we get on.


“She sat silently, gazing absent mindedly out of the window, into the hollow shimmer of the evening moonlight…”


Happy Writing!


Scrivener 2

So today i bought a writing tool called Scrivener 2. It is designed to help you structure you novel while keeping all of your research etc in one place.

I haven’t quite got to grips with it yet (i still need a little time) but i will be posting a full report once i know the ins and outs.

In the mean time, do any of you use scrivener? Or something similar? If so let me know, maybe we could compare notes.

Night all!

Book of the Week

stephen king, cell

Stephen King’s, Cell

After finishing one of the best books i have ever read, i thought that i would start a new feature, Book of the Week.

Having never read or watched anything ever written by the legend that is Stephen King, i thought i knew what his novels would be like. Im not a fan of horror as i suffered from night terrors as a child. Nothing could have prepared me for his Epic Thrillers. The writing style, the ease at which he narrates his story, transports you to his world at the blink of an eye.

I am by no means qualified to critique a legend such as King which is lucky because i do not have a bad word to say about it.

The blurb on the back cover reads…

” The event which properly civilisation into its second dark age is known as The Pulse. The virus is carried by every cellular phone operating in the world. Within hours, those receiving calls will be infected.

Clayton Riddle, a young artist, knows he has to reach his son before the young boy switches on his phone. And time is running out…”

The story begins with Clayton Riddle who has just finally succeeded in selling his graphic novel to a publishing house. He buys his estranged wife a present to celebrate and to try and start them off down the right path again. He is standing at an ice cream when The Pulse hits. In the first riots he befriends another non infected guy called Tom McCourt. They agree to stick together as far as they can and protect each other. They meet another non infected, this time a 16 year girl called Alice, before heading on the road back to Tom’s house to stock up and rest.

Those that have been infected are tearing around attacking each other and anyone that moves. They are talking gibberish, nothing slightly coherent. Their basic intellectual code has been over written by The Pulse. Their basic animal instincts have been brought back to the surface and replaced any sense of polite and ordinary standards that would be respectable in modern society.

As they make their way towards Clay’s wife’s house, they discover that the infected are starting to show signs of higher brain power. They can summon powers that the normal human cannot exhibit. They are confronted with the leader of the infected, Harvard Man, who harasses and terrorises them after they burned a flock of phoners.

I won’t spoil the ending but it is definitely one you want to read.

Based on this book i have become an avid fan of King and have began my collection of his work.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone that will listen.

This, for me, is without a doubt one of the best books i’ve ever read.

Why not give it a go and let me know what you think.


A flash of inspiration…

In a flash of inspiration before bedtime, i whipped out the laptop and managed to smash out 1000 words in half an hour.

I havent written in a while but the bug bit me hard tonight.

Are they any good? Who knows, but some words on a page are better than nothing at all. At least i have something to edit and play with.

Night all! 😆