Reviews are the way to an Author’s heart



Generally speaking, when buying a book (I mean an actual physical book), once completed, I do not go in search of sites to leave reviews for it. Bearing in mind that my general ‘To read list’ consists of authors such as David Baldacci, Stephen King and James Patterson, It never really occurred to me that they would need little old me to leave them a review.

Since acquiring my tablet and getting better acquainted with my kindle app *Grr*, I have found myself reading novels from lesser known authors such as Deirdre Gould and Ryan Cassey. Granted, the lesser known authors populate a genre that the others do not, but I find myself feeling more compelled to leave reviews on Amazon, from which I downloaded them.

Now, I must admit that bar Stephen King, I am new to this Horror genre and have not yet explored the vast corners and works that it has to offer so my knowledge is limited. Maybe the author’s I mentioned are indeed bigger than I seem to think. I got me thinking though. Does the size of the Author’s brand influence you in your decision to leave reviews of their work? And if it does, should it?

I know that as I am a new writer, reviews could mean the difference between life and death for my much loved characters that I have spent countless hours getting to know and exploring. I will no doubt swing from the rafters and declare myself king of the world upon the receipt of my first positive review *Does a little dance*. But if I am not willing to spare a precious few minutes to leave a few kind words on someone else’s work, that they too spent countless hours over, what right do I have to expect the same from another.

Surely, the likes of Stephen King and David Baldacci did not just explode out of nowhere (although we know that the internet definitely a more integral part of the author process that it once was) and they too, must have been desperate for feedback from their peers and fans alike whether it be on the internet or via the hand written word. Even now, they may be repeatedly typing their novel names into Amazon just so that they can read what the general public thought of their hard work. I know I would. As much as we all write because we love it, surely there is a small part of us that also does it because we want to make people happy and give them an escape from their realities. Otherwise why would we bother publishing our works?

From now on, I am going to make a conscious effort to leave a review on every novel I read, be it from an unknown author or one of the all-time greats.

Every Author deserves feedback and I think knowing how much time goes into writing a novel, we owe them that much.


5 thoughts on “Reviews are the way to an Author’s heart

  1. It is important to leave reviews. Less so if you read purely traditional published stuff though. I read a lot of indie books now, or small press published books, those I 100% leave a review for, but the big wigs…meh. I do if its real good, but they get so many anyway whats the point!

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    • Yeh im heading in that directio at the minute. It occured to me the other day to start actually thinking like an author rather than a consumer and realised just how important reviews are to new writers. My kindle is full of indie books now and i realised that with a bit of luck and hardwork hopefully i will end up on someone elses kindle. And the only thing that is going to help that happen is if some kind someone leaves me a review. Now i leave a review on every book i read 🙂

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      • Yeah I do too unless it’s a big published book. Although I do reviews differently I promote the book on my blog by dissecting the lessons I’ve learnt from each one and then I do a mini review of it on amazon or whatever.

        There’s a lot of shit self pubbed stuff out there to sift through. But if u find the good stuff it’s just as good if not better than trad pubbed

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  2. Just think of it as the cost of increasing our graduation rate for football players from apitoxpmarely 50% to whatever it is today (I’d like to say approximately 90%).  It’s additional scholarship money going to a coaching staff.  In the old days, Kaelin Clay would be playing but as of now, he has not played due to academic problems.


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