When does more become too much?



I have recently been delving deeper and deeper into the Horror/Post-Apocalyptic genre and I have realized that there are more ‘series’ than there are ‘trilogies’ in that neck of the woods. As mention in some of my previous blogs, I have thoroughly enjoyed some of the books I have found and they have left me wanting more. But my question now is when does more become too much?

One book in particular that I have ready seems to have a series of eight books and counting, dealing with the same characters and the many trials and tribulations they face in the now derelict world that they inhabit. Now, I know that when the whole world has gone to shit, there are lots of things that can be explored while trying to build some semblance of a working polite society. However how many of you would read through all eight books? I have yet to come across a trilogy in this genre although I am not saying that they do not exist, merely that they are less common and I haven’t found them yet.

By stretching your story over eight different books, are you in danger of watering down the characters and the world they inhabit or is there simply not enough pages in one book to accomplish everything that needs to be addressed? I, myself, can see my current novel rolling into two novels but I can’t imagine being able to write eight books on the subject without rehashing old ground. Maybe that is a downfall in my writing skills or maybe that is what is warranted for the current idea.

I would love to hear your take on the matter as maybe I am still too new to this to be able to make an informed opinion. The ‘Harry Potter’ series by J.K Rowling ran into seven books and no one even bat an eye, in fact, each and every one was met with a desperate sense of wanting before it had even hit the shelves. Being a Harry Potter fan myself (who isn’t?!), it never occurred to me that having seven books in a series was way too much. I bought and read everyone one, and they are still part of my ‘Library’ collection to this day. Does it depend on the individual stories themselves and the sophisticated way in which the author approaches them, that determines if they are suitable to be made into a series and not a trilogy? I can only imagine the depth of planning that is involved in splitting story lines over ‘x’ amount of books. The attention to detail alone must be so minute, so as not to trip oneself up on something that may have been written in book one and brought back up in book six.

Sometimes I find myself wanting more, and sometimes that want is satisfied. Maybe as I progress as an author and a writer, my prose will elevate to a place where people are still desperately in love with my work and characters in book seven as they were with the great J.K Rowling.


8 thoughts on “When does more become too much?

  1. I rarely read a whole series, simply because I don’t have the time. Some people read 30 books a year, some read 50! But I take my time over prose and like to absorb each sentence (or is that the stock excuse for being a slow reader?), so I only read maybe 15 a year. I wish it were more, but there you are.

    If a book is part of a series, I’m unlikely to pick it up unless it comes recommended or I want to read it for research, or if each book is a self-contained story. I read Wool by Hugh Howey recently, but the first story doesn’t demand you read the follow-up. Similarly, I have the first book of Game of Thrones on my reading list because I’m interested in how well George RR Martin writes (call it research, if you like), but I doubt I’ll read more than one.

    The last time I read a sequel was Dan Simmons’ Hyperion cantos. I absolutely loved it, was utterly absorbed, but even then I haven’t gotten round to the last two books. There’s just too many stories to spread my slow-reading brain between!

    Pesky brraaaaaaaaaaaiiinns…

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    • I know where you are coming from Tim. Although i would class myself as a 50 books a year reader, there are always new and wonderful books appearing and my tastes are swayed in different direction so i find sometimes i dont get round to the book i was intending to read. I think obviously Harry Potter was a one off, but i am like you and tend to be put off when i see an 8 book series as there are so many other books to explore 🙂

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  2. I think the problem with series (at least for me) is that there’s always that one book that completely kills the series for you. Maybe the author ran out of ideas, but whatever the reason, the book just doesn’t work. In high school I was obsessed with the Private series books by Kate Brian. It’s about a group of boarding school students who live in one of the fanciest dorms on campus and act like sorority sisters. I forget which book it was, maybe the 12th, revealed that the two main characters were long lost sisters, and not only sisters, but witches! Completely random, right? My mom read the series too and it turned her off. She stopped buying the books which meant I stopped reading them. Now that I’m older, I’ll try to finish it since there are only four books left, but it won’t be the same.

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    • Yes i totally agree. I find that maybe the characters are stretched out and start going in a direction that isnt necessarily the direction they would have taken if the series was shorter. All because maybe the author isnt ready to let go of the characters instead of the character meeting its suitable. Its definitely something to be aware of when thinking of creating a series 🙂

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