Something for all you Authors to think about when constructing your prose…


Something has been missing…

So if by some miracle, i have any followers, you would have noticed my undeniable lapse in attention for my blog. I disappeared like a thief in the night, never to return. Well not quite, seeing as i am here writing this now, but you get the gist.

Since the beginning of the year, i have found it increasingly difficult to focus my mind and actually put words on paper. I would have had more chance of winning the lottery than finishing the novel i have been banging on about for well over a year now. I had some personal issues that severely limited my creative output, so i put the novel to one side and didn’t even contemplate picking it up again. The thought just too large a proposition.

Well, its safe to say that i have given myself a metaphorical kick in the arse and decided to try and complete what i started out to do. Finish this god forsaken novel!

Will i succeed, who knows. Will i keep going, only time shall tell but for now, i have every intention of giving it a good bloody go!

Just a bloody shame i have left my novel at home and only brought my notes with me today. Fuck.

Maybe this will be harder than i thought *awkward smile*