So this is me, I’m BB Lewis, nice to meet you!

I am an aspiring author but a long time suffering writer. I am currently in the middle of writing my first novel, so probably like most of you reading this. I have a full time job so finding the time to write in-between commuting and work can be a challenge of sorts. This is also the reason my writing has not progressed as much as i hoped it would have. I am a person of many talents, i am a trained tattoo artist, i was once a semi pro footballer and i am handy with a hammer but reading has always been my first true love and i guess it was inevitable that it would lead to wanting to create something of my own to live on once i cease to.

I have buckled down as of late and am fully committed to my writing so hopefully we shall start seeing some vast improvements in terms of word count!

I have posted a few short stories so please have a quick read and let me know what you think. Dont be shy, press a button, whether its the like or the follow. I would love to hear all thoughts and comments.

If you are a published author already, i would definitely like to hear from you!


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  1. The only advice i can really give is don’t give up. Trust me, there will be so many times when you think to yourself, “What’s the point? I’m just not good enough!” but fight through those feelings. There is no better feeling than knowing you have finished writing your first book, and once you do that no one can take that away from you. I also found that once i wrote the first one i started spitting out a load more. It’s all about getting over that first hurdle. Let me know when you publish your first book!

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  2. Thanks Lewis! I have definitely come across those feelings but i am fighting through. It helps to follow and monitor other aspiring authors to see that you are not the only one lol I have bought your first book already and i must say i very much enjoyed it! Have you published anything in paperback yet or have you just stuck with the kindle route?

    Thanks for commenting! You get a gold star for being the first person on my blog to do so 😀

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    • No, not yet. I plan to by the end of the year though. Some people (myself included) don’t like reading off of a computer or a kindle, they prefer holding an actual book in their hands. I’m hoping to publish my next book within the next couple of weeks, barring any complications.


      • Aww yes, well intact i just published my last blog about this very thing. Kindle vs Paperback!

        I am a avid believer in actual books but i can see the merits of a kindle. Let me know how you get on with the publishing process as i can only assume that it will be more complicated than with a kindle only edition. Ive looked into it already and its going to take me awhile to get my head around 🙂


      • The Kindle publishing method is very daunting at first, and unfortunately you have to read through all the legal jargon to make sure that you won’t get sued by some big company trying to bully you. But once you understand what is going on (it took me about a month overall before i felt i was comfortable enough to gingerly press the publish button!) it’s pretty simple in the end. In fact when i did my second book it took me roughly 5 minutes to tick off what i needed to check. I can imagine the paperback is just as scary, if not more, but like anything once you have done it the first time it is easy. Anyway good luck and if you publish your book on paperback i might have to politely pick your brains to see how you did it. And vice versa if i do it before you!

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      • Well it looks like i will deifnitely picking your brains when it comes to the kindle version of my novel lol I definitely want to get my first novel onto paperback. Its definitely something on my bucket list and makes everyones christmas presents easy this year 😉

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    • Thanks very much for taking the time to comment Kevin, i very much appreciate it 🙂 and thank you for the luck, sometimes i fell as though i need all the luck in the world but the key is small steps! How did you find the self publishing route? I think it can be very daunting at times. Especially while you are trying to build your fan base


  3. Hi BB, Thanks for the follow. I think writers will always struggle…it’s in our DNA. I know I get hung up on the whole publishing process and wonder if I’ll look back and realize how much time I took away from my family with my obsession. Thus, the blog. At least I can release my writing to the world, good or bad, and go back to enjoying writing instead of torturing myself over the “what if’s”. Good luck with your endeavors.


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