Expect the Unexpected



About six months ago, I fell into the wonderfully twisted world that is Stephen King’s work. I must admit, I have been known to hide away from Horror films because I’m a big wuss and I wouldn’t sleep for a week *hides head in shame*. But I came across a novel of his that was labelled ‘Epic’ rather than ‘Horror’. I mean, who could resist a book labelled ‘Epic’ written by the one and only Stephen King?! So I sucked up my courage and pulled my tail out from between my legs and dove head first into one of the most amazing books I have ever read.

The ease at which Stephen King can switch on the projector inside the readers head is something that I know almost every single author strives for. I know I do. The way that he makes you forget that you are even reading a book because you are so totally engrossed in the plot and the characters is without a doubt a god given talent. I found myself desperate to find more of his work and read everything I could get my hands on, including his non-fiction work ‘Stephen King: On writing’ and ‘Danse Macabre’. I must admit now, I have not made it to his ‘Carrie’ and ‘The Shining’ kind of works as of yet (maybe I’m still a big chicken at heart *Bows head in shame*) but I swear to you, I will get round to it. I just think he has so many other masterpieces to work through first.

You might be wondering where I am going with this or if I am just too busy gushing about my author crush. Well, you will be glad to know, I do actually have a point. The point is, I noticed that since reading everything that is Stephen King, I have noticed that my writing has taken considerable right turn when it comes to my approach and even my subject matter. I found that, actually, I do enjoy things that a little more dark in nature and that just because there are zombies or gore in my work, doesn’t mean that it cannot have that air of sophistication when it comes to the string of words that I lay down on the page. I am big and ugly enough to admit that yes, there are probably some aspects of Stephen’s own writing that are seeping into my own, but not the degree where I am outright copying the Grandmaster but more to the being inspired way of thinking.

In ‘In Writing’ he mentions that if you do not have enough time to read, you definitely do not have enough time to write and even though I find my schedule packed with day to day life, I have invested in a tablet so that I can fill any empty minutes with reading from my kindle App. Anyone that knows me or reads my work will know just how much of a hardship this is for me because I am an absolute advocator for the printed word. He also mentions that it is inevitable, that you will pick up certain habits and traits from your favourite authors before you finally settle on your own voice. Maybe that is what is happening or maybe this is my true voice after all. I have found that since I have decided to try my hand at a new genre all together to the one I originally thought I would pursue, my writing has come thick and fast, more so than it ever has when I tried to write my first novel.

If this was as far as my ideas and writing developed, I think I would be OK with that, because for probably the first time in a long time, I’m ok to be alone in the dark with my stories. But I can only imagine that things are going to be moving on up if I continue enjoying myself as much as I am now.