Something Different… 1 – 30 Minute writing to music

Back when i was taking my GCSE in English, our teachers asked us to do something very different. She played a piece of instrumental music, all very dramatic, asked us to listen to it and then played it again. The second time she played it she asked us to write a story for which the music suits. I cannot remember what the piece of music was but i remember the story all too well.

My story was about a vampire hunter who was in search of his beloved who had been taken by the local vampire to his castle of doom (Be nice, i was only 15). I remember describing the feeling my character got walking up the stairs to the castle, the moment he found his beloved only to realise she had been transformed into one of the vampires wives.

Why not try this for yourself, you will be surprised how far you imagination will roam with the helpful prompting of a piece of music. Most of us know how touched we can be music, why not try and channel that into your writing.

Let me know how that works out for you, post them below with the piece of music you wrote it to, i would love to read them.

Happy Writing!!!


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